Shelby GT500 67 [Addon]

Shelby GT500 67 version  [Addon]
Modelo NFS: SHIFT 2
by MiniMods

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4 comentarios:

  1. Hey! Nice car. Do you followed any tutorial to make an addon car? Bc I´m interested on converting old cars (the ones that replaces original game cars) to addon ones. For personal use.
    Thank you

    1. Hello friend, I did it with the help of a friend, let me know anything and I can help you

    2. Okay! I was triyng to do what this guy is doing in his tutorial on how to convert an old car mod to addon. (
      But i got this error that says "invalid part name" when I click export the geometry.bin files (min 1.20 on tutorial). With the textures it´s okay tho.
      I followed the tutorial to the end and everything is okay, the addon car appears in game, but with no geometry because the error does not create the geometry.bin on the game files.
      If you (and your friend haha) can help me with that it would be so great

    3. Hi, how's it going? I tried it too, but it didn't give me the same error as you, now I have to try a new nfsmw car